Compaq Presario 2100 RAM Upgrade Procedure

If you’ve got a slightly older notebook suck as the Compaq/HP Presario 2100 series, you might be feeling that the performance is somewhat lack-luster compared to more modern laptops. There are fewer upgrade options for laptops when compared with desktops but the most obvious upgrade is to increase or even ‘max-out’ the installed RAM.

Thankfully, the procedure for upgrading RAM on the Presario 2100 series is very straight-forward. The RAM bay is located on the underside of the machine and requires only the removal of two screws for access. The model featured here is actually a 2103EA which is a little known/unheard of model which resembles the specification of the 2103EU/2103US. Most of the other 210x models are generally similar.

The Upgrade

First, disconnect the power supply from the system. Then remove the battery by pulling up on the battery release catch while pulling on the battery itself as shown below.

Locate the RAM bay which is on the base of the machine underneath the touchpad. Using a fine Philips (cross-head) screw-driver, undo the two screws on this panel. Note that the screws are ‘captive’ and will not come all the way out (Top marks to Compaq/HP on this feature!). Only unscrew them enough to release the panel.

The panel then lifts up from the edge containing the screws and slides out of the locating lugs at the other end.

You will now see the two SO-DIMM RAM slots (one populated here). Insert your new SO-DIMM into the available slot(s) making sure to match the locator ‘key’ to the raised locator in the slot itself. This prevents reverse installation of the RAM. The RAM just pushes down until the two retaining clips at the outside edge clip it into place, holding it flat. In order to remove a SO-DIMM module, simply push the two clips outward and the module will spring up.

To finalise the job, replace the RAM bay cover and refasten the retaining screws. Reinsert the battery and reconnect the power supply.

On powering your machine up again, you can hit F2 during the POST and enter the BIOS config. On the first page, you should see the installed RAM figure. This will be less than the installed amount depending on how much is given over to (shared)video memory. The video memory amount is also displayed here and can be adjusted.

Hopefully, when you boot into your OS of choice, you should see an improvement in performance. RAM is relatively cheap in Europe and the USA right now so it’s probably the best time to purchase this kind of upgrade.

Maximum amount of installable RAM for Presario 2100 Series

To the best of my knowledge, the 2100 series laptops ‘max-out’ at 1GB of RAM due to each of the two banks being limited to 512MB by the 320M chipset on the motherboard.

The original SO-DIMM modules were apparently PC2100 units but I’ve now installed PC2700 units with no ill-effect. The PC2700 RAM simply runs at the lower PC2100 speed.

I strongly recommend searching for RAM specifically designed for your system. I used Offtek UK who supplied me with a Buffalo PC2700 512MB module for around £12 delivered.

Always check with the supplier that the RAM you are ordering matches your laptop (some laptops can be extremely picky about which modules they will work with.

Disclaimer: The above may be incomplete or inaccurate; attempt entirely at your own risk! 😉

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11 thoughts on “Compaq Presario 2100 RAM Upgrade Procedure

  1. Thanks for the above, especially the comment on the Presario maxing out at 1 GB. I was looking at upgrading to 2GB, however, it seems you’ve just saved me the hassle.

    Seriously, thanks!!!


  2. Tried with crucial 512MB 200-pin SODIMM 64MX64 DDR PC2700 Non-Ecc PBF, trying to get it up to 1GB but Windows/BIOS refuse to accept it. Is there a firmware update or something?

  3. i have a laptop just like this one in the photo,but it is missing what ever goes in the other place next to where the ram goes.Can you let me know what is missing?

    • The other door on the back of your Presario is for a internal wifi card. Some 2100 don’t have the antenna that is located in the back. Look for a couple little wire leads that hook up to the card I.m talking about, if not there than you would need to get an antenna also and put in the back case. A lot of hassel when you can go out and buy a wifi card that plugs into your USB port.

      Good Luck

      PS if you have anymore question e-mail me @ @ I’ve got the same laptop and pretty much know the in’s and out’s of it. bye.

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  7. Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I in finding It truly helpful & it helped me out much. I hope to give something again and aid others such as you helped me.

  8. I wanted to check to see if I have a 1gb pc2700 memory stick, whether I can use it and what I have to do to make it work. I put it in and I can not boot up. It keeps cycling of starting and stopping without ever getting to windows. Do I have to use 2×512 or can I make the single 1gb stick work? One person said I need to remove the BIO battery, which is a pain. Is there a better way.


  9. I am tryingto upgrade RAM im compaq presario 2104us. It originally only had one 256RAM in it. Read a few blogs and decided to get 2 x 512RAM. I got them and was able to put one of them in where the original one was but the other 512 will not fit in the other open slot?! Is this maybe a flaw in the computer or the RAM. Itried sliding it right in but there is literally not enough room for it to fit. It is the exact same size as the other 512 that did fit and the original 256 that fit. I wish I had known before I bought 2. Does this mean I can not upgrade to 1gb ram? Can it be fixed so that both 512 ram fit into the slots?

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